Australian subscription cost

Is there any plan by the Australian company Syrinscape to offer Australian customers a subscription in Australian dollars?

I’ve been a SuperSyrin subscriber for many years now, despite using the product less and less - the Android app hasn’t been updated in years despite its many flaws, and I’ve had many problems with the web player, when I was even gaming in an area with a good enough net connection. Now, however, thanks to the slide in the Aussie dollar, my subscription has almost doubled for a product I hardly use. It makes it very difficult to justify maintaining the sub.

When I was actively using Syrinscape in games it was great, and my group and I were regularly amazed at the spooky way that the player would, untouched, come up with dramatic beats in the background music & atmosphere at exactly the same time as they were happening at the table. I’d like to be able to continue my subscription, I’m just far from certain it’s viable for me under Syrinscape’s current model of charging in foreign currency.

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Yes, the Australian exchange rate is pretty amazing right now. Hopefully that won’t be a sustained thing.

Yes, we ARE, in fact, looking at our options for charging in a few more currencies (as well as updating the check out in general, which is pretty long in the tooth).

I can’t promise anything will happen super quickly, but we ARE looking at it.

Note: the apps were last updated on April 3, 2022, to improve installing content (and a few other things), but yes, they could definitely use some more attention again sometime soon, we’ve been pretty focussed on the Web Player.

Re: Web Player performance: check out this thread, where I just put some useful info. :slight_smile:

Most importantly though, THANKS so much for your support you are giving! It’s the big group of awesome people like you, who keep us ticking over and working hard to make better and better stuff! :beers::pizza: :cupcake: