Audio Testing Live

In case anyone reads this right away, I’m doing some sound testing. See below:

Anyone interested in helping me check out my sound setup, I’m going to keep a sound stream going for the next hour or two. Playing syrinscape using audiomovers with .2 sec latency and PCM 24 bits uncompressed sound. Would love to get feedback on if there are any cutouts, how the volume is, if the stereo sound plays well between headphones, etc… I’ll mix up the tracks now and then. Just click the link in whatever browser and it should work. Volume control if you click on the speaker. Thanks in advance!

Sorry I missed this. Was fun had? :slight_smile:

Well… I think I did it too “impromptu”. I wasn’t able to get any feedback. I tried it though and it sounded really good and stable. I might try again before I turn it loose in a session.

I’m going to try again. Starting the stream now and will leave it up a fair bit today. Feel free to post comments if anyone listens. Just curious about the quality, stereo sound, etc… I’ll try to change tracks on occasion and if I see someone listening I’ll do some oneshots too to see how it sounds.

I had a quick listen. Stereo spread and volumes are good (if you want to emphasize music more than sound effects, but the overall mix is good). I get sound drops now and then, but they don’t follow a pattern. 30 seconds apart, one minute apart, every ten seconds… it seems like whenever there is browser activity, the stream is interrupted for a short time.

Really good feedback. Thanks!

@benjamin if you’re around, I lowered the bit rate just a bit and still have it up if you want to check it out.

It’s sounding really good. The sounds does drop out occasionally but only for a fraction of a second. Overal, it has a good balance

Thanks, @Steve. I dropped it to PCM 16 bit so sounds like that improved it over what New Vision heard. I’ll have to test in a session or two to see if the players internet bandwidth makes a difference in terms of what they hear. Appreciate you checking it out!

No problem at all. Let us know when you plan to run it again and we can make sure we swing by and take a listen :slight_smile:

Sounds great. I’m going to try and run PF2 beginner box in a few weeks on FGU. Hopefully it is out on FG by then. I have my physical copy coming today.

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My 3am! :anguished:

Even highly energetic Half-elf Bard/Paladins sleep sometimes! :smiley:

Hahahahaha… :joy:

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