Audio Streaming Setup

I thought I would share what audio streaming setup seems to be working for me at the moment. For background, my laptop has struggled a bit with streaming sounds to my players using the web app. I struggled with clicking, crackling, pops, etc… Right now I seem to have a stable stream but I will keep everyone posted.

Computer details
Intel® Core ™ i7-9750H CPU @2.60GHz
RAM 32 GB (recently ugraded myself from 16 gb)
64-bit Windows 11 Home
OS Build: 22621.2134

Here is what I am using:
Audio Routing - VB-Audio Matrix (beta product from the makers of Voicemeeter). This does no audio processing which is what I wanted but only helps with audio routing. I am LOVING this product so far. Here is a link to their website. It is currently in beta but you can test if you join their discord.

I’m playing the Syrinscape Web App in firefox. Chrome has NOT worked well for me. I’m sending audio to my players using (free) through firefox as well. This sends audio over your web browser. Here is a link for more info: I’m using this so I can send audio from other sources in addition to Syrinscape to my players. (Sidenote, I tried and it just isn’t stable for me and leads to cracking and popping). The parameters I use in are as follows (click link below and paste in browser to see the details):

The players just click a link I send them to listen to the audio I send. I replaced my personal link above so you could just create your own stream name and use the link if you want. The other parameters ensure I’m sending audio only as I don’t want to send video. I’m sending audio from my VBMatrix output 1 (this is a virtual output created from VB-Audio Matrix). Pro audio ensures it is stereo. Noap means no additional audio processing. Audio bitrate just means it will send at 320 bitrate.

I send the link below for my players to listen to the stream:

Similar parameters to what I’m sending out but ensures they are listening in stereo at 320 bitrate with no additional audio processing.

I was struggling playing the standard version of confronting the high priest with other setups. Really crackling and popping and sometimes not playing at all. With the configuration I’m using above, so far it is working without (or very minimal) crackling or popping! Hopefully it continues. I hope this helps others.


This sounds like exactly what I need, but I’m failing to fully understand.

I create a room on VDO.Ninja and… how do I get it to stream Syrinscape audio?

I might do a video this weekend as a how to guide. Basically you would get a virtual cable or use voicemeeter and send the output of the cable or virtual output to the vdoninja link. I do this as I use other audio sources in addition to Syrinscape. So I use vb-audio matrix but a lot of folks will use voicemeeter.

If u use Syrinscape only of course you can just send them the Syrinscape link for the web player.

I’m having issues with being unable to play more than four sounds at once, otherwise I get the crackle and cut-outs you mentioned. Do you think this would help, or is it only if you are sourcing audio from multiple places?

Honestly I would start with the basics. First, if you are using chrome I would try firefox and have that be the ONLY tab you have open and see if that helps.

I have done that and it did help, but I’m really just combatting the fact that I’m now using a low-spec laptop for my sessions - whereas before I had a powerful PC and no issues at all.

How does it play the “lite” version of the more challenging tracks. Do you still have issues there? Also, are you using voicemeeter at the moment? Or just syrinscape and the link from syrinscape.

I’m not sure what the ‘lite’ version is - are they specific elements?

I’m just using Syrinscape’s link at the moment, nothing in between.

Apologies. Some of the moods that are more taxing on pc’s have a “lite” version. If you play the normal version you might hear cutouts, etc. but if you play the “lite” version and that one works fine then your computer should play well with most of the moods absent some of the more robust ones.

If your system struggles with the lite version we might need to see if there is anything else we can try that might improve things. See gif:


Ahhhhh, thank you. I will have a look to see whether I can replace any oft-used elements with lite versions!


Thanks for this @lordgwydione! and I hope it works for you @WinterSoldier_7 :grin:

Thanks,@lordgwydione, I am catching up on all of this and may follow in your footsteps yet again.