Audio Output - How to?

Is there a way to cast the audio from the application so that I don’t have to drag my giant PC to another room and hook it up to my home theater by whatever cables? The idea of Syrinscape is great but I’m really struggling to find a practical use-case for it.

I’ve also noticed that the Audio is always defaulting to stereo when I open the app even though it says the default is 7.1 audio. Any ideas?

Syrinscape can play on multiple different devices, so you can run it on whatever you use at your table. PC/Mac, phone or tablet. hook it up to a good set of bluetooth speakers and you are good to go.

If you want to just use a phone or tablet to remote play Syrinscape and have the app running on a more powerful computer you can do that through Syrinscape Online

Is your home theatre system Bluetooth connectable? if so then connect it to whichever device you have running Syrinscape and you are good to go. Connect a tablet or phone to the PC through Syrinscape Online and then you can remotely trigger the sounds and still use your tablet/phone to look at DnD Beyond or any other programs you use at the table

Syrinscape always defaults to whatever audio setting is active when the program loads up. so its detecting stereo when it loads and defaults automatically to that. One of the improvements we are making this year is an easier way to switch between outputs and manually set defaults

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I was also wondering if there was any plan to make the app castable to a chrome cast. My surround sound does not have Bluetooth but I would love to use it on there, it does however have a chrome cast attached to it.