Audio Not Going To Bluetooth


Earlier today I was in a public place working on Syrinscape. I turned on my Bluetooth headphones, my Windows 10 laptop indicated the headphones were connected, and I heard their chime but when I played Syrinscape it was coming from the speakers. I restarted the computer and the headphones and still had the same problem. Thankfully, I had plug-in headphones and used those so I wouldn’t panic everyone with screams and roaring monsters. Any ideas or suggestions?



he he :smiley:

Things to check: (I’m presuming PC here?)

  1. Start the computer
  2. Connect the headphones
  3. Make sure the headphones are connected as the default audio ouput in the speaker icon in the tray (bottom right)
  4. THEN start Syrinscape



I thought I did all that the last time but it worked this time following your steps. Thanks Benjamin.


Yay! :slight_smile:

Syrinscape gets attached to the current default Sound output that is present when it starts up… we’d LIKE to be able to select SoundCard Output in the settings… that’s on the TO DO list. :crossed_swords: :hammer: