Audio is not playing in master - RESOLVED

Since yestarday evening I’m not able to play any tracks (mine or from database) using When I click on track nothing happens. I was using chrome all this time, today I tried with firefox and its taking a very long time to load, blue bar at the top fills up till 90% and stops there - I cannot see any sounds sets, all buttons are greyed out. In chrome everything loads up very fast, but is just not playing audio, however I can see soundsets, tracks, elements etc.
I tried standard solutions like restarting browser, switching browser, cleaning cookies, restarting OS, restarting router.
Please help!

Are you running both the Master Interface and the Online Player App? With Syrinscape Online the Master interface controls the sounds but you also need to be running the Online Player to actually hear them.

When you trigger sounds in the interface do you see the SoundSets name and visualization appear in the connected Online Player?

I did not have online player app on my PC running :slight_smile:

Thank you, Issue resolved!

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No problem at all :grin: