Audio channels in the player


Currently the player works really well if i have pre-set scenes or locations that i can create moods and soundsets for. However i have the problem of changing things on the fly depending on what my players do which is especially problematic in a large setting in a city.

I would love to have dedicated channels in Syrinscape that control different aspects of the ambiance, primarily that of music and environment sounds. Currently i have to open 2 instances of the player (fantasy/sci-fi). One dedicated to music, and one to sound effects. While it is a work around now, i was wondering if theres plans for a more elegant solution.

An example may be if I want to change the environment sounds to change in every room of a dungeon, and the music changes often depending on what the players do. It’s hard to anticipate every action of the players with a custom mood. Having too many slows the game down if i have scroll through dozens of moods or manually switch between soundsets to change what’s playing.
Having channels where moods are isolated to a single channel would be ideal. Essentially being able to play more than 1 mood at a time.