Assigning a Default Audio Playback

The following is in the FAQ:
“Can I set the audio output on Syrinscape?
Yes. Syrinscape will stay attached to which ever audio driver is DEFAULT at the moment it starts. So Set the audio driver you want Syrinscape to talk to as DEFAULT, then start Syrinscape then you are free to change your DEFAULT audio driver and Syrinscape won’t notice. Using this trick, you can point Syrinscape at a virtual audio driver and pipe the audio down a chat client for online play. See more info for online play here: ProTips for Setting up Syrinscape”

The answer to that question is no, no there is not away to "set the audio output [in] Syrinscape; but farther down in the FAQ it also asks that we make suggestions so here is mine (in case you have not already guessed).
For the love of God and Country please add the ability to assign an audio playback.

The application is really nice, but the lack of this feature is just…well insane. Why do I have to manually change my default audios to what I want Syrinscape to use before I open the application, and then once the application is open I can change it back to the default I want; or I have to install a few pieces of software so I don’t have to go through the process of re-assigning my default sound devices?

I am sure I am not the first, nor do I suspect I will be the last (until this feature is added), to request this feature; so please add this into the Syrinscape. PLEASE! :smile:

This does not seem to work for me. I set my default audio to where I want Syrinscape to go. I start syrinscape. I switch my default audio back to where I want it. Syrinscape changes to that instead of staying on the first choice.

This feature is currently in late dev/testing in house, so it’ll be one of the next things to hit a public release. Very weirdly this was NOT a possible feature until the latest upgrade to Unity 5.

So glad to have it now! :smiley:

That is interesting as I’ve heard from more than one person that the changing default input thing isn’t working for them. Ben, is there something being tested in the current release? Just interesting that I feel like people have had more issues lately.

Hey man. :slight_smile:

The current build is a HUGE update from an older version of Unity to the latest version. It included a complete translation of the entire codebase from UnityScript (live java) to C#… so lots of things are slightly different:
a) from the change in the Unity that is doing the export
b) little changes and unexpected things (and bugs) from the language change

We are working through these.

There have been MANY advantages to the update, but many weird small things as well.

This being one of them. :smiley:

Awesome. Sounds great! Appreciate all you are doing as always!

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