Army, Vampire, and custom quick-buttons?


So I have two soundsets I wanted to suggest, and a suggestion.

Army Soundset (fantasy): I’m thinking the sounds of an army, 1000+ strong, on the march. Perhaps variations in the type of soldiers marching, such as Calvary, foot-soldiers, siege weapons on the move, etc. Perhaps the ambience of the armies at camp, and the sounds of training drills. And of course, full-scale combat between armies.

Vampires: I don’t think I need to explain this one much: we have zombies, wraith, and ghoul soundsets. We need the terror of vampires.

Custom Quick-Buttons: Unless this is already a feature, and I just haven’t figured it out yet, is there a way we can get the option of customizing our quick-select soundboard (the one on the bottom-right side of the app)? I find it frustrating having to switch to 12 different soundsets in a given game-session just to access that particular soundsets quick-sounds.


There actually are soundsets like that available, though some only are if you are a SuperSyrin Subscriber.

The Battle of Wolven Pass is the army on the march and army in combat. The marching sounds in that set, if you remove the marching music, do a good job for training. Armies at camp could likely be done with Elven Vale Night, with perhaps a bit more crowd noise turned on from Friendly Tavern, with a touch of horse sounds chucked in from Farmland. Red Dragon City Raid (or Stones at Sandpoint) have siege-weapon sounds of hurling massive stones and crumbling buildings.

There is a community content soundset called Castle Ravenloft, which has your vampire battle!

You can customize your buttons all into a single soundset by using the SyrinScape Creator.

Both of the last two, the community content and the Creator, are only available for SuperSyrin subscribers.