Army before the fight


Can we get sounds for an army before the big battle? i.e: swords and axes banging on shields, spears banging on the ground, "Hurrah"s, and lots of armored boots marching.


Battle of Wolven Pass is the one you want!


Thats nice for the marching, but still doesn’t have anything about getting pumped before a battle. No intimidating weapons against shields. Both the “axes and shields” and “Steel clashes” are fighting.


Ettin Battle has an “ettin chest beating” element that might be of some use. As a matter of fact the Ettin Battle mood “terrible duet” has some great sounds for pumping one up for a battle (on the orc side).

The “protest drums” sound in Aria Park Protest could pass for weapons against shields, because of the metallic tones of the drums.