Are there UI updates planned for the ios app? - RESOLVED


Ive seen a lot on expected soundsets to be released, but I cant find a changelog or roadmap to see if things are going to improve. My apologies if its a skeleton crew putting the app together, but the interface is just downright bad when it comes to easily accessing the soundsets you want/need on the fly. Or even finding potentially good ones.

Am i wrong in the assessment that the only way to know what a sound library contains is to download it? And then if i find something i like i need to remember the name? No bookmarks or filters?

I want to support as Im a DM and I love the concept of the app, as well as the actual sounds, but the UI just makes actually using them downright painful.


Short answer = yes.

Longer answer = 2019 was the year for the Online Player, where we have experimented with many features to make organising and accessing content easier, quicker and more intuitive. 2020 is the year for a big review of the Fantasy Player and bringing some of these great developments there… as well as a general refresh. The iOS App is still pretty much where it was a few years ago, so yes, it’s certainly ready for a refresh.

Stay tune! :slight_smile: