Are there any recommended tablets to run Syrinscape from?

I’ve been using Syrinscape for a few years and usually run it from my Chromebook, however its obvious the app isn’t too happy with this and is often laggy or crashes. So i’m looking at purchasing a large tablet of some kind so I can control it at the table more easily and hopefully have a smoother interface.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for devices they use to run Syrinscape?

I’m looking for similar advice. I need a cheap tablet that can handle running the online player. I’m hoping anyone here has experiences with this that they want to share.

I’ve been subscribed to Syrinscape for years but only ever use it for solo games or when writing because I dislike using my laptop during gaming with other people, prefering to run analog. I’ve been using my phone and Spotify during sessions, which feels like a waste because Syrinscape is so much better!

So if anyone knows a cheap tablet that can run the online player, please let us know!

Heya both,

Running the Android Online Player app on pretty much any Galaxy Phone or Tablet from the last 5 years should work for you. It’s pretty processing light. You might run the sound on a phone, plugged into power and the sound system and control that from the Online Player Master UI on a Chromebook or any tab… that way you can nav anywhere you like on the tab without the sound stopping.

Anyone else have any experience with setups? :slight_smile:

Worth asking how you run games first of all (online or in person etc) as this may give us a few options, but also how you use syrinscape.

For online games since I’m at my PC I’ve usually got it open in the background, one so I can hear it and second to pick something a bit more obscure. For me I use it to add the ambience so I’m not using SFX much or need access to quick buttons in it usually just get the right sound and go. I’ve set up (well, still sorting it, never happy :smiley: ) a stream deck with a number of folders for pre-set sounds for things like taverns, cities, traveling and different moods between them so I can quickly go where I need without interrupting me. It’s working very well and I’ve moved that into the in person games by running the iPad streamdeck app (essentially the same, but on an ipad) and connecting the Syrinscape app from my phone to a speaker for the room as Benjamin mentioned - still needs to connect to my PC over the wireless but with it split screen on that and either my spells app or OneNote I’m fairly ready.

Thats my setup, but it does depends on my PC so if you’re traveling it’s not ideal. One thing I did find trying the web interface is screen size is a challenge - larger tablets are more expensive for quality and screens don’t always scale - so I ended up just going a cheaper laptop - In my case a second Hand Microsoft Surface. Gave the tablet style, smaller space, and the power and advantage of a laptop so more options as it can handle all the DM tools I’d need.

If you are wanting the tablet route then most in the last few years will be fine - I’d always say try them before hand if you can as I find a lot of the cheaper lesser known brands tend to use lower quality in areas like the screen which can be off putting for long time use but spec wise as long as it’s running the latest OS’s you’ll be fine.

But tell us how you see your setup and we can help fill in the bits you need.

Thanks for the advice. It’s good to know that any recent tablet should be powerful enough to handle the web player.

My setup is pretty limited. I have to travel by public transport quite some distance to my weekly game, and so I prefer to travel light. Right now I don’t bring a laptop or tablet.

During the game I play almost completely analog, except for the music: that’s my phone hooked up to a small bluetooth speaker and running Spotify. I’m not interesed in running SFX; I just want the background music with as little effort as possible.

I’ve tried using the web player on my phone but the interface doesn’t fit on my screen. All I need it do is to select a soundset and just play, but that menu is mostly hidden by the SFX buttons (that I don’t need).