Are Element Names Global?

When two or more soundsets contain an element with the same name, is it guaranteed that those elements are identical, or can soundset A’s “Battle Music” be something different from soundset B’s “Battle Music”?

Hey @daltonseanm, :slight_smile:

Element names are NOT Global.

Elements can be called anything, and have similar playlists and settings freely as you like (and is useful). :robot: :crossed_swords:

Thanks. My concern wasn’t about naming my own elements, but rather when I search the giant library of soundsets, there’s a lot of duplicated names of elements from a bunch of different soundsets. So if I already added “element a” from “soundset 1” to my own soundset, and I see that “soundset 2” in the search also has something named “element a”, then this could be different from the one I already added, right?

Also, if that’s the case, then is there an easy way to tell if they are identical or not, other than listening to them? It seems that some elements have a pool of music/sound clips which they play randomly for each loop, so just listening to the first ten seconds or so of each element won’t necessarily tell you if two elements are the same or not.

If you put the element into your SoundSet you can then look at the actual playlist and see what is in it.

Search DOES also try and do as much deduplication as possible (though erring on the side of showing duplicates rather than NOT showing some things)…

Let us know how you get on and whether we should push harder in one direction or the other. :slight_smile: :robot: :hammer: