Are "Custom Moods" soundsets functional for non-subscribers?

Hi. New to Syrinscape. Experiementing, not a subscriber yet.
I am looking at the various “Custom Moods” Sounsets. I have played the “info” one-shot sounds in them. I’ve read some info on the forums. I’ve done some google searching.
It seems they are intended to allow collecting sounds from other moods into a single mood and it seems there’s mixed info on whether this can work for non subscribers.
I have been able to navigate to various sound sets, fire up various sounds simultaneously, have them playing when I return to the “Custom Moods” soundset and trigger the “Enigmatic Silence” - from what I’ve read at this point there should be a plus sign somewhere to save all the running sounds into a new mood. (There are also mentions of a “i” or info symbol explaining the process but don’t see it either.)
My best guess is that Custom Moods is no longer (or never was) functional for non-subscribers?

I have watched enough of the various videos that it’s clear how to make a new soundset, gather sounds, create new moods, etc. for subscribers. So what is the point of “Custom Moods”? Or is it supposed to work for non-subscriber accounts and I’m failing to find the “Plus” sign to add the currently playing elements as a new mood?


Can you let us know where you are playing sound? In the Web Player at or in the Fantasy Player app?

Then I can give you an intelligent answer. :slight_smile: