Arabian Knights Campaign


I’ve just started a FATE campaign set in a Middle-eastern kingdom. I’d love some suggestions for sound sets/music to use in the setting. most notably what I need are Jinn/Efreet sounds. I think a lot of the fantasy setting backdrops will work for taverns towns shops


Other sets that may be useful:
Desert Nomad Camp
Giant Sand Worm (Sci-Fi Player)
Some of the History of Ashes sets (HOA) from the Curse of the Crimson Throne sets: Thrallkeep and Moon, Cindermaw and Flameford, and Into the Cinderlands specifically.
Across Accursed Sands from What Grows Within (WGW)

For Jinn/Efreet:
Elemental - Fire
Elements - Wind (to kick up any air powers)
Dungeon of the Mad Mage 1 (DMM 1) has an Air Elemental Battle mood

I hope these help! Let me know what else you need!


I didn’t own a lot of those suggestions. Have them now. I love the music from Across the Acursed Sands and the Desert Nomad camp. any more like that?