App version Creator?


I just signed up for SuperSyrin so I could get access to the creator, but all I can find is the link to the online one, and I prefer to work with an app version, as it’s much easier to run in my opinion. Specifically a Mac version. Where is the link?


@nephanor The app version was, from a user experience point of view, very similar to the online version. It was still a web app, but ran a local server instead of connecting to our server. Soundsets were then exported as a zip and uploaded to our server to make them available in the genre players. You still had to run a separate “player” app along side the local web app to actually play the audio samples.

The online version has many benefits over the old app version. To name just a few:

  • We can iterate much more quickly with improvements and bug fixes to the UI and server components.
  • You have instant access to ALL soundsets that are available to you, without having to first download and install each soundset (there are hundreds) before you can even hear what they sound like.
  • You can use a different devices (e.g. computer and mobile) for the master interface and online player. So you can hookup your phone to a pair of loud speakers, or use a laptop or tablet to control it for portability, or to ensure audio keeps playing while you switch away from the UI.


Oh, I am well aware of the advantages, my problem is that I don’t like the lag between when you play the sound and when it hits the remote player. Its a real pain to have that delay when working with sound, and since there’s no way to stream directly through the web browser. At least none that I can see.