Anybody want to sell me on supersub subscription?


So I despise subscriptions, anything from syrinscape I’ve bought outright. I apparently don’t read either.

I didn’t notice that all soundsets that get released while you’re subscribed are yours. That makes the subscriptions have actual value.

The question I have to ask though, how many sound packs get released on average for every two month charge if I did go with the super sub? I’m not really into the sci-fi type stuff (more interested in fantasy/pf/dnd stuff), but maybe my group will do a starfinder thing at some point making it worth it.

And being able to add my own music for the supersub is definitely intriguing.


In addition to owning everything that comes out, you get access to everything - so that means anything you didn’t already own, or might have not have gotten because you’d use it less often, now you have it all. Suddenly facing an unexpected monster? You’ve got it. Need to mix and match your moods? You have them all to choose from. Not to mention there are many community-made content sets that are only available to subscribers, and many of them are quite useful and lovely.


Oh I definitely understand that, but I’m curious on average how many sound sets get released every two months. Although that’s great that you get everything, but if for whatever reason I have to cancel my subscription, all that past stuff won’t do me any good. Hence one of reasons why I hate subscriptions. Not ever owning anything. So the amount of sound sets that come out on average are more important than sounds that I’ll need to purchase if I want them, but don’t have a subscription.

I’m probably just being more stubborn then I need to be. But I don’t have a huge budget so I tend to like to be flexible so subscription can be up for 2 months and then the next I might have to cancel and resubscribe later type of thing.


If everything is going as planned there will be a soundpack (five soundsets) for a Pathfinder adventure path out every two months. Plus monsters and/or locations in the “off” month. Additionally there will be contend released for D&D. All of this is released in the Fantasy section. Roughly the same happens for the SciFi player with Call of Cthulhu and Starfinder. Check the release schedule here - we are a little behind, but are catching up. So - if you break it down, you should get three to four soundsets a month per player. :slight_smile:


Cool thanks, that seems a bargain enough for me to start up a subscription this Friday then.


Hi @darkmaer, I agree. A sub where you can sub for ages and then not end up owning anything at all makes me feel uneasy… so yes, that’s why we did things like we did.

I can’t guarantee and fixed release rate… but historically, we have always exceeded the value of the sub in terms of what we have got out. As the release schedules of the past show (which get adjusted to what actually happened… if you bought everything as it came out… you would have definitely paid a LOT more, than if you’d subbed.

Also = THANKS for your support as a sub… it is definitely the BEST way of helping us plan, build more stuff, have some kind of sensible budget, eat, play games. :beers:


I just got the Supersub and I couldnt be more pleased.
I aswell hate subscriptions. Whenever I am forced to take one, I cancel it 1 min later, and keep this routine up for as long as I use the service.

But not with Syrinscape. There is so much content (and with all the new dropping in) that I will actually leave it on.

There aren´t many services out there worth a sub, but this one is.