Any way to edit global Global one shots?

I’m sure there are reasons that we can not seem to make our own global oneshot setup but it would be amazing to have control of that aspect. To have a set number of quick ready to go sounds that are custom tailored to your party or need seems like a no-brainer.

I have the bugbear battle set of one shots loaded that is about 40% of what I’d like to have available all the time.

Granted I know I could make my own one shot sound set and include lots of other effects in it but so many of the included sound sets are ready to go and work well enough that it’s seems like too much work to bother.

Flipping back and forth between multiple sound sets while trying to run a campaign with 5 PC’s, 5 NPC’s in a battle against a dozen monsters is just a little too much.

I’m pretty sure that’s already an option.
If you create a oneshot (or duplicate an existing one and edit it), there is an option to have it appear in the global ones.

I also seem to recall you can remove oneshots from the global ones…

I happily stumbled across that yesterday actually… I created my own one-shot sound set them them to appear in the global set.

Thanks for the reply though

So as very new user, where can I find out how to edit ones shots?

Not sure where the explanation is but here’s a quick run down.

First you need to be a supersyrin user… meaning the higher level of subscription.

Next using the online master interface you can create or edit your own soundscapes so create a new soundscape and call it OneShots or something that makes sense. Should be a plus symbol on the top left to create and you can rename it in properties.

Next you can go to any other soundscape and select any one shot sound element you would like to use globally and in properties select copy to sound set and select your one shot sound set.

Next go back to your oneshot sound set menu and select the new oneshot element and in it’s properties toggle add to global one shots.

Some of the base sound sets come with global one shot elements built in but any you add will show up as well.

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I never responded to this because I was like…um…OK? I came back a year later hoping to find an easier way? Is there a video for adding/deleting Oneshots?

Heya @jmjustice1967, :slight_smile: are you talking about Web Player, or Fantasy Player?

Web Player. I need 20 characters to respond! :slight_smile:

So it doesn’t matter how much we’ve spent on soundscapes, if we don’t pay the top-tier SuperSyrin subscription, there’s no way to change the global oneshots?

And I gather there’s no way to create any custom moods, or access custom moods created with a subscription, once you do not have a subscription.

I really wish you had a budget subscription to let us use our paid-for content fully without getting the “free” content that we don’t actually particularly need.

Hi @politas

Yes, that’s mostly right… [please excuse a copy and paste from our FAQ = the info here is accurate and concise] The SoundSet Creation functions are a complex and powerful tool set – the same one we at Syrinscape use to create our massive libraries of sounds. They required extensive resources to develop, and require ongoing resources to enable the global Syrinscape community to build, customize, and share their creations, as well as sync their own Syrinscape SoundSets across all of their devices. As such, we can only offer it as a premium to our SuperSyrin subscribers at this time.

Thought NOTE:
You CAN maintain access to your custom content (once you’ve built it) by lowering your sub level to “Server”… which will keep all your stuff visible and usable.

Ah, I missed the “server” level description. I don’t think your pricing model makes any sense. $7 for some of the content, $10 for all of the content + tools, $5 for access to already created custom content but no tools. The numbers seem completely random, with no connection to the cost of creating new soundsets.