Any suggestions for Victorian Steampunk?


Has anyone some suggestions on a soundset or individual music tracks, elements and moods in Syrinscape that would fit into a mid-to-late 1800s Victorianesque Steampunk game in an alternative Britannia.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’d start with the Regency Cthulhu sets on the SciFi player - lots of good sounds and locations from a very close era. Steampunk Robot has a lot of good mechanical and steam sounds. The Outlaws of Alkenstar sets in the Fantasy player also have lots of good steampunk sounds


Thanks a bunch for those helpful suggestions, I will check them out!

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Hi again, I am still looking forward to checking out your audio suggestions when I get to my main PC.

Meanwhile, I would like to share what I believe is a great Steampunk soundtrack and the kind of music I am looking for. Briefly it is late 19th Century Romantic Chamber Music (strings). It’s from the cRPG “Arcanum”. If Syrinscape’s wonderful composers have provided or in future can provide music similar to what’s in link that would be way cool :sunglasses:!

Look out the mood “On English Shores” as Call of Cthulhu - Masks of Nyarlathotep has a whole London soundscape with chimes and trains.


With more than 1000 SoundSets in Syrinscape it is HIGHLY USEFUL that we have people prepared to take the time to help unearth content for people.

Thanks people’s!!! :heart_decoration: :pizza: