Any shot at a Extinction Curse Soundset for Pathfinder?

I saw there was a circus one, but I think this one would be interesting in general to have. Thoughts?


+1 on the interest in Extinction Curse, trying to figure out how to make my own.

Yep +1 here! Just running Plaguestone atm. Be great to have this to go into after we finish.

We are doing the same thing with running Fall of Plaguestone as we prepare for Extinction Path. Having a dedicated sound group for the campaign would be amazing. Each time we run a game with a dedicated audio it adds so much to the shows.

+1 for interest here. We are just finishing up Strange Aeons and the syrinscape for that was so so useful.

Any updates guys? One session on Plaguestone left! Cheers

I don’t know if there is an official one in the offing, but I can certainly recommend soundsets for it in the interim! What places, encounters, moods, and monsters do you need?

Any traction on this?