Any new sets in last 4 days?

My subscription ran out 5 days ago and I just now noticed. Did I miss any sets in that time??

I just did this.

Send an email to with your account info. They will reply with what you have and missed.


Last week, we released the Wizard’s tower.

If you look at that product on the store, does it say:

  • You already have access…
  • You already own…

If it says “you already have access”, that means you have access to it, by virtue of being a current sub, but it DIDN’T get added to your permanent library of content.

Makes sense?

Mainly… THANK YOU for your support as a sub! :slight_smile: :pizza: :beer:

I missed it. Is there a notification when a sub runs out? I paid for a full year last time, not the every two months sub, maybe that was the issue.

No you didn’t… I just manually added it to your library! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Mainly, THANK YOU for your long time/loyal support! :pizza: :beer:


I’m not OP, but thanks Ben for being awesome!


Thank you very much.


:slight_smile: :+1: :octopus: