Any good sounds for 40k

Any good sounds for 40k, I need some sounds for like a hive city and other things.

I am not familiar with 40k, but I can try to help if you’ll let me know what kinds of sounds you need! For a Hive City, is this an insectoid city? Is it like a giant anthill or more like a more modern metropolis with insectoid inhabitants? Or is it just a really densely-packed city with human inhabitants? Sci-Fi Player’s Insectoid Hive is a good one for an anthill-like insectoid community. Give me more detail and I can assist with more specificity!


A hive city or simply a hive, is a massive arcology, or fully self-contained city, that is home to millions or even billions of Human beings.

Okay, so I think your best bet would be some of the Cyberpunk and Starfinder sets. Absalom Station being the first, because what is a space station if not a self-contained city? Many of the Cyberpunk sets would also work - Block Party, AgriFarm, NeoCorps, Urban Decay, Urban Rewal, Abandoned Facility - all of those could work. I hope that helps, and let me know if you need other sounds!