Any big star wars campaigns?

Looking to see if anyone has made a great big star wars campaign with bunch of sounds, music, sfx. I’m bad at finding this stuff myself. Please let me know thanks!

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The Sci-Fi player has sets for Starfinder campaigns that could be tremendously useful for Star Wars. There is also a Lightsword Battle, Blaster Battle, Shipboard, Spacedock, Engine Room, space station (Absalom Station), Desert Planet, Frozen Moon, and others.

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Hey yes thank you i do have the scifi player. Was seeing if anyone made a custom campaign grabbing SFX, alien sounds, and music specifically from Star Wars. I’ll get to work on a big one if nobody has made one yet.

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We also have an Alien Cantina and a Light Sword Battle which has a “Space Wars” theme wink wink

Yes, I’ve done a few, but since the music and some of the sound effects aren’t available on a free license, they can’t legally be shared :frowning:

The “lightsword” sounds are pretty great, though, and I’ve had some success extracting alien dialogue from old copies of the KOTOR games - again, anything other than personal use would be dodgy, though.

I have been running a Star Wars campaign for 2 years now, I have a few soundsets done that I might be able to share. Although, I have been considering sitting down and actually making some proper soundsets for some of the more popular venues (cantinas and such) and planets.

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I’ll have to double check so they aren’t using sounds from any of the paid soundsets.

Also on another note which might be of interest to people, I am working on a Google Docs Folder where I am planning to add all soundsets as texts (mainly to plan them out) which I will give access to people so that anyone can contribute to this project. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here you can find the project folder. It may look very bare at the moment with very few soundsets both in planned, suggestions and the main document. This is mainly because I wanted to grant you guys access to this, wether you want to contribute to it or not. More will come of this. :smiley: