Another sound streaming solution - Audiomovers

So, as many of you know, I continuously look for ways to improve my audio stream. I still recommend cleanfeed as the best free solution. That being said, I’ve moved to a product called audiomovers. Its NOT free. In fact it is $99/yr (with a weekly and monthly option). So, feel free not to continue to reading!

Those that are still here, what I like about this and why do I pay? Here are the reasons:

I’m always looking for better ways to stream sound and innovate!
Making it easier for my players. Only one click for them all to join the stream.
Best audio quality. I can stream an uncompressed signal with this program.
Latency - I have it set to .2ms and in the session I ran last weekend it was stable and very fast! Its important to me that the automated sword hit that is triggered from chat happens quickly and not 3 seconds after the fact.
Ability to control sound volume via plugin. I route this through minihost modular and attach loudmax, a limiter so that by the time it gets to the players over the web, the sound is consistent at the level I want

Is any of this necessary? Definitely not. I just enjoy sounds and found this is worth it to me and maybe a few others out there. Here is a youtube video I created to show it off.


Hey this was very useful - it took me a couple hours to set up and test, but as you said - this is the only solution I’ve found so far where I can take multiple audio sources (mp3 soundscapes, Syrinscape, internet audio sources), combine them in real time and provide them to my players in a single stream through a link. No programs they have to run locally, no log ins, nothing.


So glad it was helpful!

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Just uploaded a new video for audiomovers as they now offer a standalone program. You no longer need to run this through a DAW. Still in beta but I really like it so far.

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