Another sound streaming option for Syrinscape - Cleanfeed


So, as many of you know I’m always trying a new way to stream sounds! I know with master/minion it might technically not be necessary for much longer but I like to use syrinscape and sounds I’ve downloaded to my hard drive, youtube ambience tracks, etc… So, several sources. I started with the discord option of a second instance for my sounds which worked ok for me but I wanted better sound. I then moved to streaming through VLC. I like that option as the sound is good but the latency seems worse and I have to open a port on my router to stream directly to players and they have to open VLC.

So, I just stumbled on cleanfeed. It was developed for podcasts as a high-quality way to setup two people talking to each other with nothing but a browser. I’ve been testing it to pipe syrinscape and other sounds without using discord or VLC. The feedback so far is it sounds really good, very low latency and in stereo. Yeah!

Only rub is right now they only support Chrome browsers. So, you and your players would have to have chrome. The setup is very simple and all you do is email your players a link, they click on it and access whatever sounds you choose to stream to them. I would have them mute their mics on the cleanfeed tab as you really only care about streaming sounds to them, not vice versa.

Here is a link to a blog post explaining how to set it up. its well done.

I’m going to do a quick video on this when I have time and post to my youtube channel. Still needs more testing but I think it is worth checking out as for me, the latency with VLC was bothering me and discord quality seems in and out for me. If you try it let me know what you think! Oh… and yes, it is completely free! :smile:

Syrinscape ProTip #21 - Syrinscape and direct audio stream using fantasy grounds

I like the idea of this, but I really prefer Discord for voice. I gotta figure out how to do that next time I can catch one of my online buddies for testing.
Thanks for the find!


Yep. Agree that I still like discord for voice.


Thanks @Gwydion

You’re a legend! XP to you! :smile:


the OP doesn’t seem to suggest NOT using Discord at all. Use Discord for voice, and that site for the soundtrack. :wink:


True dat…

OP :smile:


Hey, everyone. Done some more testing with this. So far it is working great with Voicemeeter Banana. It is allowing me to much more quickly and easily stream Syinscape, desktop sounds, ableton live lite, etc without much fuss. I tried to do a video on the setup last night. Tried three separate times but I was in my living room and let’s just say the ambient sound (kids in the background…) was too loud. Will try again soon when I move my setup back down to the basement! :smile:


all I can get working with it except my microphone. I can’t get any desktop sounds through it at all and I’m using Voicemeeter Banana.


Hmm… I just posted a video to youtube on how I’m setting it up. My setup is for streaming so I do not stream my mic through it as we use discord for voice and I don’t want players to hear themselves twice, but I do need the stream to hear our voices too. If this still doesn’t help, feel free to hit me up and I’ll see if I can help. Here is an invite to my discord channel:

Here is the youtube video:

Also happy if you want to email me at

Hopefully we can get it sorted.


Thanks! I’ve got it working now. Much less latency than VLC we noticed right away.


Excellent! That’s what I like to hear.


Morning, all. Just a quick bump for this thread. I really recommend this solution for folks that play using Fantasy Grounds and use the Dulux-Oz DOE: Sound extension. It might not be needed once Master/Minion is fully baked, but right now it seems to be the best solution I have found for me. Rob2e who streams nearly 7 days a week has been using it now for about a month and loves it.


My DM has just started using this setup and I’m having a problem in that I can’t hear any sounds just the voices via discord. All the other players seem ok.

When I DM, I’m still using the 2 discord method for voice and sounds so was wondering if I have to change anything in VM banana to get it working.

I’ve got Banana and Discord set up exactly as Rob2e describes in one of his video.

Any ideas?


I can’t dig into this right now, but if you are saying the DM is using the 2 discord method while you are a player and you only hear the voices? If so, that sounds to me like something perhaps simple within discord. I know this is obvious, but if you are hearing player voices fine, is the sound “instance” lighting up in your discord when it plays? Do you accidentally have the sound instance muted? Given you DM, do you have discord set so that it is PTT only and not voice activated? I suppose if the other players are hearing both fine it shouldn’t be a PTT issue. If you want to join my discord and send me screenshots of your voice settings for discord and banana I’m happy to troubleshoot later.

This link should work for my discord. Feel free to PM me and I’m sure we can figure it out.


Ah heck. Just realized I misread this. You are saying that your DM is using the cleanfeed setup not discord. and you are not hearing the sounds through cleanfeed. Typically cleanfeed should be sending its sound through whatever your default playback device is in windows. Assuming you have set the default playback in windows as voicemeeter input, cleanfeed should come through the voicemeeter VAIO virtual input in VM along with your any other web-based sounds. So, as long as you have “A1” selected in that VM column, it should come through your headphones.

Hope that makes sense. Feel free to PM me here or in discord with other questions.


Hey, @gary. Did you get this sorted? Just wanted to check back in and make sure you got things fixed.


I have literally got off a call with my DM and I think I’ve sorted. Looks like there were a number of things wrong with VoiceMeeter that I got sorted, and can now hear browser sounds as well as Discord, and still have my setup working for syrinscape for when I host.

Thanks for your help, as it got me on the right direction


Just want to add that I’ve been using Gwydion’s setup for more than a year now and it works great. Highly recommended.