Android and Windows sync

I’m new here, considering a tool to get my Call of Cthulhu games at higher level, and your app looks great!
What I need is to set up an OFFLINE app on my android tablet (offline is super important because we will be playing in the middle of the forest! creepy), however I also need to play my own audio tracks that I prepared.

Is it possible to choose tracks, upload mine tracks on windows as it is much easier and sync it with android app?

I tried to follow this guide:
but I dont see + button on next to soundsets to create my own playlist.

With a Supersyrin subscription you can create your own SoundSets and upload your own sounds and music. Anything that you create in the Syrinscape Web Player is then automatically synced across to all of your devices, meaning that you can build SoundSets on your PC and then install those SoundSets to your phone

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Ok so I got sub now. I created two soundsets via
I installed app on windows and my android tablet. When I was making my first attempt on my PC I was able to see soundset and downloaded first version to my tablet. But now I cannot figure out how to download upgraded version and new soundsets to my android device. Could you provide or hint me where I can find steps how to sync both devices?

I figured it out. I marked my soundsets as boardgame instead of scifi…

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