Ancient blue dragon fight music

Hi all,
In two weeks, my players are going to face BBEG, ancient blue dragon in her lair. This lair is in an ancient dwarven amphitheatre (and under it) in a desert.
I saw there is already some white and red dragon music and general dragon battle music. Do you have any suggestion how to up it for a blue dragon battle?

Thank you for any suggestions and also happy new year

If you use Syrinscape Online under Master Interface / SoundSet Creator and then do a search for “blue” you can find roars, breath weapons, and other effects for the Blue Dragon that may help

The mood Adult Blue Dracolich Fight from D&D Waterdeep level 22 of the Mad Mage is interesting for BBEG to start with

Thanks, I will take a look. I mainly use the desktop app where I looked for “dragon” keyword.
I will take some desert ambient and mix and match from these moods and hopefully I will get decent soundset

Are you doing Doom of the Desert in Storm King’s Thunder? If so your group will freakout and have a blast!

Yes, that’s the one :sweat_smile: they will try to prepare for the encounter and I am really looking forward at what they come up with

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