Amber Temple soundscape?


My players just entered the Amber Temple via X1a and camped there for the end of the session. What are your suggestions for a soundset for this chapter of Curse of Strahd other than simply Dungeon Depths? TIA


What sorts of things, locations, monsters, actions, and moods are going on in the Amber Temple? Let me know what you need and I can make suggestions (as I don’t own Amber Temple)!


The Amber Temple is a crypt of secrets that house the evilest entities and beings, built in the side of one of the tallest mountain peaks in Barovia, forgotten to time. Strahd himself gain his power and vampirism by making a pact with one of the entities and he still frequents its halls currently. The walls are covered in Amber, the only substance able to house the Dark Powers imprisoned here. The only beings are creatures or onetime wizards now curropted by the evil influence and tainted arcana of the Temple OR those seeking unlimited power; flameskulls, nothics, a boneclaw, witches, mad wizards apprentices, etc. It’s also below freezing, they must make a con save or exhaustion hourly.

It is essentially a dungeon crawl, but a dungeon inhabited by the evilest of evils. Vecna was once housed here.


Okiday, so we have a lot of stuff going on:

  1. Mountain - Mountain Pass would be a good one to start, and you can keep the mountain wind going for the first few chambers, decreasing as you go (assuming an open flow of doors, mind you).

  2. General Dungeon-ness - Dungeon Depths is a nice dungeon setting, but Catacombs of Wrath might be better, as those are catacombs inhabited by evil and have some of the appropriate ambiance built in.

  3. Evilness - Elements - Horror is a good one to use here, as you can steadily increase your levels of dread, or Spooky is a good one for that too. For another rising evil, you could try Nyarlathotep from the Sci-Fi player, as that starts quiet and ends up with sounds of dread and horrible evil whispers/demon speech.

  4. Enemies - The various undead sets (Undead Battle, Zombie Battle, Wraith Battle, Devourer Battle) all work for your various foes, though I’d recommend Flying Fiend Battle with a touch of fire from Elements - Fire for a flameskull. For nasty wizards, you can use one of the various evil moods from above and sling spells from Wizard Spells - Erzan, or Spellcaster - Sorcerer/Spellcaster - Sorceress from the Board Game player. Disjunction Chamber or Shimmering Veils, or Library of Arcana, could give you places of mad magic, while Mad Scientist’s Laboratory or Abandoned Aslyum/Haunted Heart could give you crazy wizard spaces or insane power-seekers.

  5. Cold - Icy Wasteland has some cold wind that could be constantly played on low, but Magic Stone Circle has an element called “ice crystals” so it sounds like the party is constantly moving through thin layers of ice or cracking ice on their clothing, which could also sell the cold aspect.

I hope that helps, and let me know if you need something more specific!