Alternatives to Syrinscape Online

Hey everyone, sorry if this has been asked before.

I just started up a new campaign and want to use syrinscape for audio. We play over discord, using roll20, but last session, half of my players couldn’t get on the scyrinscape online app. I was looking for solutions, but none seemed to work for everyone. I know its in beta, so I’m okay with waiting for updates to fix it, but in the meantime, I would like to keep using it and allow my players to hear everything. Are there other options besides Syrinscape online?

Thanks for the help.

when you say half your players couldn’t get Syrinscape Online what seemed to be the problem? Yes the Online Player is still in Beta but it works very well and is being used by many people for online gaming, especially at the moment. Did your players all follow the instructions from for setting up and linking the App?

We put together a couple of tutorial videos to help show who to quickly get set up

Problem was that it failed to load for some people, specifically two of my players. One was on mac and the other on an ipad. We waited, relaunched, uninstalled. It still didn’t work. In addition, for some reason, once we managed to get most people on, everyone but one person was disconnected and struggled to reconnect. I’m sure that was more of a one time thing, probably related to an internet issue, so that’s fine.

As i’ve said, we tried some of the solutions i was able to find, but I will gladly continue to try to make it work.

Normally when it fails to load it is because something is blocking its access to the server. Were they running Catalina by any chance?

Catalina, sometimes objects a bit with a few warnings and often blocks the first run.
First give this a try:

  1. Shutdown Syrinscape completely
  2. Restart your system
  3. Restart Syrinscape

If you have no luck with that, then check you are running it the best way for the OS:

  1. download the DMG and drag the app to /Applications folder (ie don’t run it from inside the DMG)
  2. right-click and select open instead of double-clicking to launch the first time
  3. if Catalina asks for additional weird permissions (eg to monitor keyboard input), you can deny… We think this is due to the version of Unity this build is running on, and we do NOT and do NOT need to monitor keyboard input while the app is not active
  4. if it appears to be stuck, quit and re-launch the same way

This is an issue we are working on, and it will be fixed with our next released version.

Let us know how you go!