Allowing minions to play sounds

I think I am missing something. I read a thread on here where someone was talking about using the remote control links to allow the minion players to play sounds from their end. I cant seem to find any info on how to get that setup. Can someone point me in the direction of a handy guide to get that going.

FYI- love the product currently using it to run 3 games

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Sooo… click the little Hamburger menu things at the top right of the Master UI and click to turn on the Remote Links.

Now, copy the links you want by clicking the little PLAY buttons on the Elements in the Master UI.

Message these links to your Players.

Now when they follow those links, that sounds will be added into the mix for everybody.


when i send the link and they click on it, it brings up a webpage to django framework page that shows the api and json.
how would we add it to the online player as a button to click on?

You can’t add these to the Online Player as these are external links that connect to your Online Player. We are looking at other ways to handle these though such as a little simplified version of the Master Interface that players can use to set up their own they can trigger sounds in your game.

In the past, I’ve personally copied them into a word doc to use in games but yes it does open the Django page.

I know @sonofconan has built a script that stops the Django page from opening when the links are triggered by other programs, such as the Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Soundlink but I would need to check with him how that would work if you were just triggering the links manually

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With it being a json or api is there a way to add it into roll20 so i could create a macro in there that would trigger the link?

To my knowledge Roll20 won’t allow that to happen. :frowning:

But yes that is the purpose of the API and why so many other programs do use it and use it very well

thank you, that helps. I was going crazy trying to figure out why it wasnt going to the player as a button. Ill make a word doc like you suggested and let my players decide if they want to worry about a page opening everytime they click it.

As for a minion soundboard you have a +1 from me on that idea

thanks again

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Did this ever happen? I really want to give players control of their own spells without having to use API links.

Bumping this again in the hopes it is upped on the priority list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your bump has literally just pushed it up a little! :slight_smile:

This is something I really want… so feel free, anyone else, to give it a +1 as well! :pizza: :trophy:

+1 ! I’m about to have to swap stuff to a new laptop, so this would be nice.

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