All Soundsets Randomly Vanish


Here’s an odd problem - I’ll be playing a soundset, turn away to run something else in a game, and when I turn back, the whole lefthand column of soundsets is now blank. It doesn’t matter what campaign I’m in, it’s just blank.

The current soundset will play, and I can adjust that one and play all the universal one shots, but I can see anything on the left.

Attempting to search for a specific set or switch campaigns comes up with nothing. I can see the search bar, type in the search bar, and see my various campaigns, but no soundsets are visible no matter what I do.

If I close and restart Syrinscape, everything comes back. But this happens multiple times during a gaming session, which is very frustrating. I’ll turn on battle sounds, go describe things for the players, and when I pop back to Syrinscape to play some one-shots, everything had suddenly gone away and I can no longer switch sets (because I can’t see anything to switch to). So I have to shut down the player and lose the immersion while I wait for everything to restart, or just carry on without sound, which is a major bummer.


Ok I’m completely grasping at straws here, but if you have both an integrated graphics and a dedicated graphics card, perhaps have syrinscape run on the dedicated card? I have most of my programs set to automatically run on the integrated graphics but I have Syrinscape and Fantasy Grounds run on the dedicated graphics card. I don’t know… Worth a shot to try?


Hmmm we’ve not had anybody else report anything similar so I’m guessing it’s a local issue but since you have been using Syrinscape for ages it must be something recent. Has anything changed on your system, updates, new virus software etc?

@sonofconan & @benjamin do either of you have any thoughts?


Hi Holly, :slight_smile:

When you say visible do you mean:

  1. not listed
  2. or apparently invisible

Can you click on things (by luck?)


Unlisted. It’s as if they were never there. I’m clicking on empty space. The vast emptiness of space…


he he

…echo… cho… cho… cho… o… o…

(I saw this once the other day… looks to be a new thing.)

Hoooopefully the new build will fix some of these things that have been caused by the server change over and operating system updates!!!


My knowledge of the inner workings of my computer and the specs thereof is extremely limited, so I don’t know about my graphics card. I haven’t changed anything on my computer. I don’t run a whole lot on it (Chrome, iTunes, Syrinscape, Word, sometimes Adobe Acrobat), and I don’t download much (PDFs, word files, mp3s, and in limited quantities). I don’t do any computer gaming at all or go to any gaming sites. My virus protection is up to date.


Yar, I hope so! It mostly seems to happen when I’m actively running a game, i.e. when I’m rapidly going between different sets (setting up battle music/effects and then popping over to my NPC tab to run specific weapons and spells).


I ran my first game using Syrinscape last weekend, using an Android tablet to control a bluetooth surround sound system (I both installed it for the first time & became a subscriber last week). Something similar happened to me a few times. The only thing visible in the left column was the single brown ‘Soundsets’ tab for whichever section I was in (All, my campaign, etc). Touching that tab returned me to the master list, wih ‘All’, ‘Purchased’, etc, and then I was able to go back into whichever tab I needed. It only took a couple of seconds, but it was an annoying distraction mid-scene.

I did have the complete disappear happen once or twice as well, and had to restart the app to get the soundsets back…


I can see the All, Purchased, etc, basically I can see all the campaigns I have, but no soundsets when my glitch happens. Everything is blank on the left, and nothing gets the soundsets back but restarting. :frowning:


Same thing as @HECook just happened to me again when I was experimenting with the Android app a few minutes ago. I had to quit & restart & it went back to normal. :frowning:


Hmm this looks to be a new problem, something fun for our dev team to look into! We’ll post updates as we get them and thanks for letting us know!