All of my Custom Sound Sets Have Disappeared! :(

Hey, I spent hours and hours creating sound sets for my campaign in Storm King’s Thunder and they are gone. Is there anything you can do? I have a game tomorrow night and I am in a panic…I mean, I could literally cry. :frowning: Please help anyone!

@guitardonrusso I assume you are talking about the online player?

I’m really sorry about this. We are currently experiencing some server load based availability issues and I have just tweaked the rules that determine the list of soundsets that are available in the online player.

This is a temporary change to alleviate load issues while I continue to investigate. Your custom soundsets in the online player should not be gone, just hiding, and I hope to bring them back soon.


Okay man…I was straight freaking out. Thanks for the update!

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I was just coming here to post the same thing! Was about to have a total come apart. Got all excited that the 502 Error Code thing looked like it was over now as the player booted right on up then my heart literally stopped when I realized every original thing i had created over the past 6 months was now gone without a trace. Hope this all gets straightened out soon. Games coming, and as ya’ll mentioned…hours and hours spent creating original soundsets for three different campaigns. I think I would have to just take a long break from playing at all if that was to truly happen - I couldn’t bear it.

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WHEW! Dude…almost had a heart attack. Thanks for the clarity.

I completely agree with you. I would have to take a break too. lol

@guitardonrusso @thrasherdad74 @barttramer I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think it’s fixed. You should have access to your private soundsets again, and performance should be back to normal. Please let me know if that is not the case for you.

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Looks good on my end! Thanks for your work on this.

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