All my created sounds just disappeared?


I was listening thru all my yesterdays work and suddenly it crashed?
I restarted the Fantasy player and all where gone…


Hey @thornbound,

What disappeared? Custom Moods? Ouch!

Are you running any Malware Protection or System Cleaning type software… because that can be the cause of this sort of thing. Or maybe your Registry has a corrupted chunk in it? Do a general Windows system check?

Either way… if you are doing lots of work customizing and build stuff, I would DEFINITELY recommend using the Creator Functions in the Online Player instead… then everything is stored safely on our server and will sync across to ANY devices you use in the future. The custom moods in the Fantasy Player are meant for just a quick save of a current state that might be useful later, not for deep prep.

Works better?


Think it’s about time to try out the SuperSyrin Creator.
Just need some time and patience.
made the soundtracks one more time just to see if it wasn’t a Windows update or my Bit Defender.