Alien RPG soundset recommendations?

Folks, with such a great job of Call of Cthulhu wondering if there’s already been a reach-out to Free League re: their Alien RPG game? Appreciating that 2-th Century Fox will have licencing for any particular sounds but a wide range of soundsets here would work really well!

There is a set on the Sci-Fi player called Alien from Alien!

Yep, as much as we would love to build content for the Aliens RPG it is 20th Centaury that own the rights and not Free League, so getting a license to produce any content would be extremely difficult.

But as @HECook said, we have built a homage soundset already for Aliens, which is found in the Sci-fi player and there are already LOTS of other soundsets that would work well for and aliens game. I recently used Abandoned Space Station and Frozen Moon in a game that I ran