Aircraft soundsets?


I’ve been searching the store and coming up empty… Are there any soundsets that have airplanes in them? Prop planes, not jets. I’m looking for something to use with 1920’s Cthulhu, but surprised that there don’t seem to be any aircraft at all?

If not, an aircraft set (complete with crashes!) would be a great set to add!


While there is currently not a prop plane sound, there was a fellow prop plane fan who did a version of it thusly: using the 1920 car engine sound combined with one of the strong wind effects (from Elements: Wind in the Fantasy set for example). For crashes, several of the universal one-shot explosions from Sci-Fi player or some of the sounds from the Giant Steampunk Robot set (the “vehicle destroyed” one-shot is a good one for a downed plane) are excellent.


Thanks! The steampunk set has some useful bits. I checked out the 20’s car files, but unfortunately it sounds nothing like an airplane. Hopefully aviation gets invented in a future sound set!


Yeah, the 1920s car engine isn’t really airplane material, but with the wind and all it was the best stopgap version of one that could be thought of at the moment.


Looking for this too. But also for modern day aircraft like helicopters/VTOL (yeah, the background helis of gov facility don’t cut it) and fighter jets.

Maybe some sounds for a plane going down with wind tearing at loose metal parts, fire in the wind and howling engines.