"Ah, more meat for my fiya!"

Hello all,
A while back I came across a great sound byte within one of the sound sets of an ogre or giant saying “Ah, more meat for my fiya!” I’d really like to use this sound byte for our first in-person D&D session in seventeen months coming up next Friday, but for the life of me I cannot recall which sound set it is in.

Does anyone out there recognize this sound byte and know which sound set it is located in?

That may be the Hobgoblins that the team at Syrscape did for me. We adlibbed a lot of lines, so I can’t tell you which one.
Try a search for “Hobgoblin babble” (element)
Or individual lines “Hobgoblin Babble” or “Hobgoblin Line” (sample)

Sounds like something Ben or Dan would have said

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Torment and Legacy - the ogre taunt one-shot!

Torment and Legacy? That would be me. Interesting, i didn’t remember. And that’s another proof of how awesome @HECook is. :+1::kissing_heart::grin:


Thanks, HECook and to everyone who replied! Appreciate it!

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Wow! Amazing you guys ACTUALLY managed to locate this! :smiley: :trophy:

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