Age of Ashes soundset removed?


I’m sure the PF2 Hellknight Hill - Age of Ashes sounds were in my player a few weeks ago when I ran my last session, and now they’re gone.

Am I imagining things or has the soundset been removed?


Currently we have no official soundset or soundpack covering the first PF2 adventure path. My guess is, that, by accident, a private soundset was switched on as community content.

So - unless the creator of the soundsets wants to publish them as community content, there is currently no way to make them accessible.

Maybe the author wants to make himself known and give you some details on what he did? :slight_smile:

Pathfinder 2e Age of Ashes AP

There is community content for Hellknight Hill - I’m looking at it with my own two eyeballs on my player right now! MacieJ was the one who made it. :slight_smile:


I just checked - you are perfectly right! The community content ones have the hh prefix, for anyone interested.

Everyone, please note though - these are not official soundsets, but a nice contribution created by our active community.

@r-macdonald Maybe want to give these a chance?



@new_vision Thank you! It may have been those that I had been using, I had not searched with that prefix. Immersion will return next session. Cheers.


@maciekjanjanik You built these, right? Did I make everything you’ve made so far live? Got some more for us at some point… apparently people like it! :smiley: