Age of Ashes FULL Set

I am also running Age of Ashes and I am about to move on to the Cult of Cinders adventure path. I wish they had that sound set. I am a graduate student, completing my M.Ed and do not have extra time to create my own. At the price point, I was hoping to find the completed path. It’s strange that they made some but evidently didn’t finish it??

OR does it exist and I just can’t find it??

Thanks for letting me know

If I recall correctly, the Syrinscape crew didn’t make the existent sets, but rather it is community content (made by another user using free sounds). Whoever made it apparently hasn’t gotten the time/energy/wherewithal to finish the path.

That said, I can recommend some sets to fulfill your needs (premade sets that can be used as-is or with minor adjustments) so you can run without extensive prep, if you let me know what locations, moods, and encounters you need.

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