After cancelling do I keep anything?


Hi, I have been a SuperSyrin subscriber since Nov. 20, 2016, and I’m planning to cancel my sub soon due to financial reasons. (I’ll be back :slight_smile: ) When I do, do I get to keep anything?
I have used Syrinscape mainly for the soundset creator for my games using my own sounds etc, so I was just wondering if I have access to any soundsets when I unsub and how does it work after I unsub, as far as access goes?


Yes you get to keep any soundsets that we released whilst you were able to support us as a Supersyrin subscriber. So if you’ve subscribed since 2016 then that means that you will get to keep a LOT of content to keep on using!

You will however lose access to content that you have built using the Creator. your created content will remain safe on the server but you will need some level of subscription to be able to access it (we do offer a basic server access sub, which would allow you to keep using your creations)

Thanks for the support that you’ve been able to give and we look forward to having you back at some point in the future :slight_smile: