Adventures in Middle Earth


So, my podcast is running Adventures in Middle Earth. 99% of what i need is covered in great detail. im just fairly new to Syrinscape. The Eagles are going to be making an appearance here soon, and its going to be quite cinematic. However, the only eagle calls are small ones used as atmosphere in like Mountain Pass for example. Just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for something to use for a big @ss eagle coming down and shredding some orcs?


The new soundset “The Birds” has a Single Bird Attack one-shot (and element) that’s fairly loud.

For the eagles’ approach, you could activate multiple eagle elements on different soundsets at once, to give a sense of a large group coming. (Mountain Pass, Battle of Wolven Pass, Gnoll Battle, Ogre Battle, etc.)

Menador Keep has a one-shot called “screaming arrow” that actually sounds like a loud bird call ending with a squelch of claw hitting an unfortunate orc. Tap that multiple times in succession and you have a whole bunch of eagles hitting the front line.


Awesome! Thanks so much!