Advanced effects with Music in Creator

I’m trying to reproduce the effect of a Cyberpunk Soundset in wich you have Three different music ambiance.

  • Outside the bar
  • At the bar
  • In a quiet room nearby

So i created a playlist with my own sample songs.
From what i understand, i must duplicate the element three times, one for “Outside” with a “trough a heavy door” reverb property to it.
A second one for inside with “Auditorium” or whatever , and a third one for the room nearby with “Trough a light door”

For the “outside mood” , only the “heavy door one” has volume, but every three of them must launch at start (just 2 are 0% volume)

And when hitting the “at the bar” mood, you lower the trough a heavy door one to 0% and increase the “Auditorium” one to whatever the volume you want.

And so on with you three moods.
Am i correct?

Because it’s not working with me…
Two of the music come with a colored line around (from green to orange or red) , i dont get that…
And the third one has no sound but a grey line that is running like the two others.

I’m really not sure this is clear, but i’m out of ideas.
Plz help.


I always wondered if “mood” also saves an element’s current stats (other than volume, which I know it saves).


a) is an element playing or not
b) what volume

Since Elements are VERY cheap, if I want an element to play with one reverb one time and another reverb another time simply:

  1. duplicate the element
  2. set the two (almost) identical elements the way you want them
  3. set the one you want to start with each Mood to start with each mood.

Makes sense>?:slight_smile:

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Which is the element you are not hearing. If it is the one set “Through a heavy door”, note this: that reverb takes away almost ALL of the amplitude… with the current setup I couldn’t get it to be loud enough to be particularly useful.

Thought you can: turn everything down quite a lot and set the SoundSet Initial volume QUITE high to compensate.

Or is there something else going on here that I haven’t quite understood? :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding (and sorry for the way i build my sentences, english isn’t my birth language :D)

What i want is the exact effect that is in [Cyberpunk] Nightclub soundset
Out in the streets plays the music with “trough a wall” reverb and if you switch to Drinks at the bar the music gets louder as the one “trough the wall” is muted, and you can switch from inside to outside with the same song still playing.

In order to do so, i see we have to :slight_smile:

  • duplicate the music (one with a trough a wall reverb) the other without.
  • Make them both start with the mood, one muted and the other with a sound level
  • make the opposite with the second mood

But somehow, it’s not working.
Am i at least good in theory?

Noone can help? :confused:

The music in the Cybepunk soundsets actually features two sets of samples. The first are raw and are the main ones you here, these then have reverb etc applied within the app.

The second set of samples are the same music but I did a lot of work to them BEFORE they were uploaded. The two sets of samples are both then played with very minor time differences and reverb within the app to give it the muffled sound that you here in the soundset.

You won’t be able to directly duplicate the sound just within the app I’m afraid.but following Ben’s advice above you can get something similar. A lot of foley work goes into our SoundSets before the samples get to the actual App

I feel like i cant explain myself very well, or maybe i dont understand what ou guys are trying to explain to me.

Let me explain otherwise.

Is there a way to switch from a Mood to another with music still playing (let’s forget about reverb etc…)
Let’s say i play twice the same music in mood 1 (one we can ear and the other not)
And when i switch to mood 2 we change volume of the musics so we can ear the silent one and not the loud one anymore)

This is doable?
Is there like a Discord server where i could stream my app to someone maybe???