Additional sounds for RotF


It would be amazing to get some ambient sounds like ice cracking, Avalanches, blizzards that type of thing.


As in, you are using the content released so far and would like to see this stuff including in upcoming SoundPacks?

@new_vision Plans?



@djb42374 The Cracking ice thing is a good idea, easily done in oneshots and probably a good addition for running around on the frozen lakes.

Blizzard and Avalanche are already present as moods, as those events are too complex to have as oneshots, especially the blizzard. Or do you mean add extra elements to those moods?

Edit: also note, that there are a LOT of soundsets coming for the book. I am currently working on the second chapter which covers Icewind Dale and the whole lot of quests you can do while traveling, so maybe there will be stuff on there you can use as well. :grinning:


Excellent, I didn’t realize the other sounds were in there. As someone who lives in the real life Icewind Dale (Alaska) I can think of some sounds that one would experience. Definitely the sound of ice cracking perhaps a glacier calving. Anyhow I am excited to know you are adding to the Soundset, I start DMing the Campaign on Monday and am super excited to bring the horror.


Yes indeed. That is exactly it.


Curious is there, or will there be some epic chase music for when some unknown creature stalks its prey while the party travels from place to place, perhaps during a blizzard?


Highly energetic or spookily ominous chase music? The dramatic music tracks during the Blizzard mood is already pretty epic imho. Do you have a real-life example (maybe from a movie) of what you picture for a scene like that?