Adding sound layers that are synced


I am trying to figure out how to add layered music while keeping it in sync. Technically I have figured out a way to make it work but I really want to make sure that I am doing what is considered best practice.

I have 3 tracks, 1: Minimal no drums 2: Minimal with drums 3: adds choir on top.

I want to be able to switch between the tracks so the music is consistent as the mood changes. For example the start of a fight is minimal but during the big boss move we switch to 2, then when the party almost dies dial it up to 3 to increase the tension.

Tangent but related: In my example each track is meant to be played on its own as track 2 includes everything in track 1, and 3 includes everything in the first two. A situation where track 1 is melody, track 2 is drums, and 3 is choir, would also fit this question as you will want to layer them together while maintaining their sync.

It seems like when you switch a mood it continues tracks that are already in progress but if it starts a new track it doesn’t sync it with what is already playing.So track 1 might be at the one minute mark but when you switch moods to play track 2 it starts at 0 so the loop is broken. In the situation where the tracks have to play together this would cause everything to be way off.

What I have done to make it work is have all tracks playing in all moods but just muting the ones that I want to turn “off”, then when I switch to another mood it only adjusts the volume but everything keeps playing.

This super long explanation is probably overkill so sorry, but I just want to make sure there isn’t an easier/better way to maintain the sync in case having everything always playing is not resource effecient.

Thank you!

This is exactly right.

Check out Salvage Operations ii where @ominousbarry has done this. They all should start with all MOODs, but just have the one you want to be hearing now, turned up. Barry actually layers them as well which is cool.

NOTE: use Count Delay from start to get everything to stay in perfect sequence.

And note this video for getting a perfect loop:

Let us know how you go, and maybe share a try with me and I’ll check it out and give you some feedbacks (if you need them).

Thanks for the response Ben!

I took a look at Salvage Operations ii and that is exactly the same method I was using. Good to know I was on the right track!

The example in the video plays 3 loops synchronously which isn’t quite what I want but I can use the same concept and have two of the same sound so the loop can keep the reverb at the end.

Thank you again!


:slight_smile: The main thing is to have the tracks the same length and to “count from start” for the wait time so they stay in perfect sync.

Good hunting!