Adding created soundsets to minion player?


I’ve created a soundset using the soundset editor, but I don’t see any way to select that soundset in the minion player (or the regular player). I also don’t see it in the list of sound sets in the UI where you can drag soundsets into a campaign.
Man, having all these different tools/places that all need to work together vs a single UI is really complicated.


If you can’t see it in the campaign manager then that means that the soundset didn’t upload correctly.

  1. Make sure you select a category in the soundset tab of the Syrinscape Soundset Creator before uploading (Fantasy, Sci-Fi Board,game)
  2. Make sure any samples that you have uploaded are the correct format, 44k, 16bit
  3. Remove all metadata from the samples before uploading
  4. If the soundset is quite large then break it into two soundsets. Soundsets can be no larger than 100mb. Our soundsets usually come in at around 70-80mb, which should give you a idea of file size
  5. If any of steps 1-4 are missed then the upload will fail and you won’t see your soundset in the Players
  6. Wait a little while for the soundset to sync to your devices, this can sometimes take a while, especially for larger soundsets

If you did all of that and it still doesn’t upload then drop us an email at support and let us know the name of the soundset and we can take a look and the server :slight_smile:


Hi @dereks16

Yeah, EVERYTHING is heading towards the Online Player, including campaign management AND more importantly, Creation.

It’s gonna be WAY more pleasant to work directly on the server data form within that ONE UI.


Thats awesome! Thx. The tip above helped too. I didn’t realize I had to upload my soundset creations in order to see them on my other screens. SO that solved my immediate issue.


:slight_smile: :smiley:

Always glad to help out and connect!