Add single sounds to custom moods - RESOLVED


i am setting up a “Custom Mood” for my campaign. i’ve made a few by grabbing tracks from the Spooky and Witchwood sets mostly.

But is there a way to grab the single sounds and add them to my custom moods? For example can i grab the “werewolf Howl” button from Spooky and have it appear in Custom mood? The Werewolf Howl track has them happening too often and if i had the button there i could just mash it when required.


All of that kind of customization is done through the Creator in Syrinscape Online. If you have a Supersyrin subscription then you can build new soundsets, copy and edit existing ones, upload your own samples and create your own one-shots etc. Its the same tool that we use to create the soundsets so gives you lots of different options to play with :slight_smile:


That’ll be it then. i don’t have a subscription - I’ve just bought some of the soundsets to use with the app.

Thanks for the reply.