Accolades – Curse of Strahd sound set

I took some time the past two days to really sit down and listen to the new Curse of Strahd sound sets, and man, was I blown away by how wonderfully spooky and immersive they are. The job done on the sounds and effects is outstanding. And the music, my gosh, the music is so utterly perfect and eerie, and hits all the right notes in creating a gothic and terrifying visage of Barovia.

In my opinion, this is one if the best sound sets produced by Syrinscape, and everyone involved in its creation should take a bow. I can’t wait to make use of this sound set in my campaign!

Thank you to everyone at Syrinscape for all your hard work in producing such awesome content!


That’s fantastic to hear! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I know @ominousbarry put a LOT of work into building this one so I know he will be very happy to read this

Enjoy all the noise!


Glad you are enjoying @acroyear4. I hope that it has painted the picture that Wizards was thinking.
Lots of original effects. Lots of dialogue (some relevant to the story, some easter eggs, some meaningless babble)
Over 2 and a half hours of new music and more to come

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