Accidentaly deleted Custom Soundset :(

I’ve just accidentally deleted my custom soundset that I’ve spent weeks to build and the play session is tomorrow. There is no chance I’ll rebuild it.

I’m devastated :frowning:

Is there any hope to retrieve it?

Hey antek.strzalkowski,

I feel your pain!

Can you tell us the name of the SoundSet you deleted? And the approx time you deleted it?

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Hey @benjamin!

The SoundSet was named Nawiedzenie at the moment of deletion, approx time being the time of me posting this topic. If you guys would be able to bring it back it would be amazing :exploding_head:

Hey @antek.strzalkowsk,

Have a look now.

We backup every 60 minutes, so there MAY be some lost work still, but is THAT what you need? :grinning:

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@benjamin OMG, yes! Thank you so so much. The evening is saved thanks to you!