Access To vs. Own - FIXED

Hello, is there an easy method to see which sounds we own versus which ones we have access to via subscription? Besides going through sounds individually, of course.


Probably the easiest way is to just ask us.

Send an email to support@ and we will take a quick copy and paste from your account on our server.

And yes… you can look at each individual SoundSet and see if it says “owned” or “access”

Hi…this confuses me also. Rhetorical: Don’t all the soundsets we OWN appear in Syrinscape waiting for us to download them? (if not how do we access them?). I see that the latest set is “natural disasters” but it’s not in Syrinscape’s list…so how do I get it? Thanks!

Hi @talismancy,
There are two types of soundsets that you can download, sets that you own i.e sets you have either purchased or have been released whilst you have a subscription and sets that you have access to, i.e the back catalog. whilst subscribing you can download and use all of these but if you subscription expired you would only have access to the sets to owned, Does that make sense?

With regards to Natural Disasters, that set came out during your subscription so yes you do own it. It’s a Sci-fi set and so should be showing in your sci-fi player, just awaiting you to download it :smile:

The best way to find it is to open the Sci-fi player and then just type Natural into the search bar at the top left of the player, it should come straight up for you.

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Ahh…I didn’t even realise there were two different players! I was searching the word “natural” in the fantasy player. I do understand the subscription model.

I suspect you’ll have to find a new way to list sound sets in the player software in some future epoch…one big list will end up being pretty untenable but OK for the mo’

Do you know about the campaign manager, which let’s you sort your own list in that left hand column?

I just discovered it thankyou! Works nicely!

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Make sure you check all these topics in ProTips: there’s probably other useful things you don’t know about too. :slight_smile:

Do we still need to email you to easily separate what we own from what we have access to?

Yep drop us an email to support and we can take a look for you

This topic might be a good idea for creating a filter in the new online search tool. The default would be access and owned a filter selection.