Abomination Vaults

I just spent some time with your Menace Under Otari set. It’s awesome! I’d sure like to see a similar set for Abomination Vaults.


Yeah, that would be amazing.
Especially since the FoundryVTT Module already has music and ambience akin to Syrinscape, but only on a basic level.

Agreed. This would be amazing!

Just curious if there has been any update on this soundset? I see it is still on the list of to be released in 2023 but as we are quickly running out of 2023. I have the foundry module but I would like to have it running in Syrinscape.

I am currently building the soundsets. Otari and the first three dungeon levels are almost done, so while 2023 isn’t in the cards, early '24 is quite realistic. :slight_smile:


Awesome! We are finishing up out current 5e campaign and will be switching to Pathfinder via the Beginner Box into Abomination Vaults. Looking forward to the sound sets. Thanks!

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Looking forward to it. My party is done with Menace and 3 session into AV. It’s been difficult finding the time to set up my own soundscapes from what’s currently available, so it’s just been generic dark dungeon synth music for now.

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