Abomination Vault: Ruins of Gauntlight Keep

Any general timeline of when you will release this AP? Just curious. Reading it now and excited to run it! I realize it is just now coming out. :grinning:

It’s not one we actually have on our schedule, but if you think it’s one worth looking at then we shall definitely take a look.

Incidentally, Ben is running the team through one of James Jacobs old adventures, the Red Hand of Doom and its awesome! So hearing that Gauntlight is good, is not a surprise

It looks really good (Abomination Vault). I’m a sucker for the massive dungeons. I think it will be up on fantasy grounds in a few weeks. Would love if you can try to get it in the queue sometime. I know there are many other priorities I’m sure!

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Red Hand of Doom! Love, love, love that one… :-}